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Photo papers
                                                                                                                     OFFICE PAPER


                                                               „Executive” photo paper:
                                                               Š Š high gloss, microporous surface
                                                               Š Š quick drying
                                                               Š Š water resistant
                                                               Š Š outstanding durability
                                                               Š Š recommended for printing photos in excellent quality
                      A1                                         product            surface  size  gsm  ream  order code
                                                               A1 „Executive” photo paper  high glossy, microporous  A4  260  20  LVIP01
                                                               A2 „Executive” fotópapír  high glossy, microporous  A6  260  20  LVIP02

                                                               „Professional” photo paper:
                                                               Š Š can be used in laser printers and photocopiers
                                                               Š Š high gloss surface
                                                               Š Š optimal whiteness
                                                               Š Š for colour and monochrome prints
                                                                 product             surface  size  gsm  ream  order code
                                                                B  „Professional” photo paper  high glossy  A4  200  250  LVLG02

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