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          We are delighted that you are searching for office pro-  While editing this catalogue we wanted to have a logi-
          ducts in the brand new VICTORIA catalogue, which        cal and common structure. For your easier orientation

          presents the complex VICTORIA product range in the      we marked the chapters with different colours. You

          stationery market.                                      can find the explanation of main icons occurring in the
                                                                  catalogue collected on a page.

          VICTORIA is one of the most popular stationery brands

          in Europe; besides developing its product line we have   In the range of VICTORIA products we paid special

          paid attention on our reliable quality. Due to its rea-  attention for protecting the environment. More and
          sonable prices, the success of VICTORIA brand is un-    more environmentally friendly products can be found

          broken.                                                 in our product portfolio. Our aim is to offer a „green

          The first VICTORIA product – a 3.5-inch magnetic disk –   line“ with environmentally friendly solutions. Printer

          was launched in 1992. Today, thanks to the conscious    consumables, ink and laser cartridges are made mostly
          brand-building, we offer almost 1500 VICTORIA pro-      from recycled materials, so the environment is dama-

          ducts in 13 product groups.                             ged with the least amount of waste! Such „green“ pro-

                                                                  ducts are marked with green icons, so with using these

          Our product range is shaped to the daily use of office   products you can protect the environment!
          products, the range of VICTORIA products are also

          available at home and in the office, from multifunc-    We can state that VICTORIA products are offering

          tional office paper to calculators, from printer consu-  you perfect solution thanks to the excellent value for

          mables to office cleaning and presentation products.    money. For users, who want to reduce their costs, but
          You can find the full range of VICTORIA products on     do not want lower quality, VICTORIA office products

          the website:                     are the perfect solution!

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